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A captivating bundle of artwork themed around astronauts unfolds a narrative on canvas. Each piece with Vibrant colors capture the figures of astronauts, helmeted and suited,

This collection invites viewers on a visual journey, exploring the interplay between the ethereal beauty of the cosmos and the indomitable spirit of those who venture beyond our earthly bounds.

The astronaut-themed artworks evoke a sense of awe and curiosity, transcending the boundaries of terrestrial existence.

JPG files / Hight 8064 pixels

So What do you get?

Total of 85 artwork

GET access to ALL wallpapers, download directly as archive.

Resolution: VERTICAL - perfect for iPhones and Android!


  • For commercial and personal projects
  • On digital or printed media
  • For an unlimited number of times and without any time limits
  • From anywhere in the world
  • To make modifications and create derivative works

• Please note that You are NOT authorized to resell/copy/re-distribute/sublicense/bundle this Wallpapers/Artwork.

• You can't offer it for free. Or for trade or for any paid option. Instead, you could redirect them here to own a copy of it!

• Purchasing this wallpaper Pack means agreeing to the terms above

• Due to this product's nature, I cannot accept refunds, cancellations, or exchanges, but please reach out to me if there is a problem with your order so I can help resolve it! I would love to connect with you and help you out.



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85 High-res Astronaut themed artwork with commercial license

High-res / Dark colors / Vibrant colors
commercial license / ready to use
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